Meet the team

Alex Black


  • Alex co-founded Getfans and has developed search strategies for a variety of clients from international brands to small and medium sized businesses for over a decade, working in some of the most competitive industries online.
  • Alex keep on helping his clients ahead of the competition by researching and monitoring the latest developments in search and predicting tweaks to the search engines’ ever evolving algorithms. He also designed and managed the build of the innovative SENUke software. Professional SEO Audit specialist and just a great and responsive person.
  • When not being a geek he likes to spend time with family and friends, travel and to dream about the Peace in the World.

Alison J. Wilder

PR Manager

  • After being told off one too many times during class for being too chatty, the careers department at school told Alison that ‘there was this thing called PR, which involved lots of talking’ and that ‘she might be rather good at it’.
  • Fast forward ten years and Alison is happy to say she took her school’s advice and worked for two global PR consultancies, specialising in the ‘exciting’ sectors of B2B tech, shipping and oil and gas, before settling down at the more varied world of Getfans.
  • Alison loves the creativity that comes with working in PR and enjoys nothing better than implementing strategic creative campaigns for her clients and building relationships with key media across the B2B and B2C sectors.
  • When not at work (aka: chatting to people on the phone) Alison loves dancing and still continues to dance in various ballet and hip-hop groups across Oxfordshire. She also loves to sing and performs with semi-professional opera groups (but notably is always cast as a boy or a small child in every show).
  • Alison greatest achievement in life is that she can still do the splits, even though she is pushing thirty and constantly reminded of this fact by the ever-so thoughtful, younger members of the Getfans team.

Billy Porter

Head of Content

  • Billy is a self-confessed geek who has always had a love/hate relationship with blogging, coupled with an addiction to buying domain names. Together they are quite a potent mix, and he quickly longed to know the mysterious inner workings of search engines and what factors determined a website’s ranking.
  • Unfortunately, blogging took a back seat when Billy went to University to study BSc Computer Game Technology (yes, it’s a real degree), but his passion was reignited after he graduated. Working as a 3D Modeller by day and blogging by night, he quickly realised which he preferred doing.
  • Outside of SMM and SEO Billy loves Manchester United, gadgets and games. When he’s not playing FIFA, he can usually be found blogging.

Rhonda Willson

Digital Designer

  • Rhonda graduated with a degree in graphic design from Swansea Metropolitan University. Unsure about what route to take she happily stumbled across Getfans and the wonderful world of SMM,SEO and SMO!
  • She is often found making colourful infographics at her desk, which is decorated with tiny wool hats and kinder egg toys!
  • When she isn’t designing, she’ll be found playing computer games and leaning how to play her much-loved guitar.